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Messi missing penalty better than Ronaldo 'stealing a goal' - Fans as Argentina march on in World Cup

8:45 pm AEDT 1/12/22
Ronaldo, Messi
Football supporters took to their social media accounts to express their feelings after the PSG star's penalty was saved

Argentina captain Lionel Messi hit the headlines after missing a controversial penalty against Poland on Thursday in the World Cup's Group C assignment.

With the teams tied on 0-0, Polish keeper Wojciech Szczesny was adjudged to have fouled Messi and after VAR consultation, the referee pointed to the penalty spot.

However, Szczesny guessed right and denied Messi with a great save. Alexis Mac Allister and Julian Alvarez scored in the second half to ensure Argentina and Poland made it out of the group.

The fans did not let the penalty incident end there and they took it to social media.

  • 20221130 Lionel Messi

    Was it given because it was Messi?

    Horrible decision from the Referee. Was it given because it was Lionel Messi or the Argentine team? Absurd and shocking - Moshoodorilowo5

  • Ronaldo replaceable, Messi irreplaceable

    Are we doing a penalty competition now? Messi still played better football than Ronaldo. You ain’t see the way Messi still played. Man, you can’t replace that guy. I’ll name 100 people that’ll surely replace Ronaldo. You can’t for Messi man - Le Raunch

  • Messi

    Unparalleled Messi

    Despite missing a penalty, with no goal, no assist… Messi still ended up as best player on the pitch with an 8.2 rating. You can’t compare this guy with anyone. Unparalleled - Ghajinii

  • Ronaldo Portugal Qatar 2022

    Ronaldo the real GOAT

    Ronaldo is the real GOAT, he knows how to convert from the spot under pressure. Messi, no - John Macharia

  • Wojciech Szczesny Lionel Messi Argentina Polonia Qatar 2022

    Messi missing penalty better?

    Missing a penalty is better than stealing someone's goal. I come in peace - Colone Nazin

  • Alexis Mac Alliser Nahuel Molina Argentina Polonia Qatar 2022

    Argentina would have lost

    I think Messi is not a penalty man. If he had scored that penalty, Argentina would have lost. - Daniel K Mumbi

  • Lionel Messi Argentina

    Argentina played for Messi

    High time the team stood up when the great man missed a penalty, this time the team has carried Messi and rightly so, the team has to support its captain who has been carrying them since 2012 Congratulations Argentina. Uncountable love and support from Nigeria - Sufiyanu Salisu

  • Messi Ronaldo

    I enjoy Ronaldo and Messi

    Messi is another GOAT of the game. He was great yesterday. I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo. No bias just enjoying them both while they're still on the football pitch - Bula Boy

  • Szczesny Messi

    Messi not good with penalties

    Well, Messi isn't Ronaldo. And everyone knows Messi isn't just about penalties and has been in the opposition box the whole 90 minutes - Hope Man Mwewa