Exclusive: Ted Lasso creators handled their gay footballer storyline in a 'refreshing' and 'significant' way, say leading LGBTQ commentators as hit TV show is praised for showing 'humanity'

Ted Lasso premiere

Ted Lasso's writers, producers and directors have been applauded for their "refreshing" depiction of a gay professional footballer coming out to his team-mates during the show's final season.

In the third episode of the last series, it was revealed that first-team player Colin Hughes was in a relationship with a man and hiding his sexuality from the rest of the squad, his coaches and the public.

But over the course of the season, Colin, with help from journalist Trent Crimm, who also turns out to be gay, finds the bravery to open up to his team-mates before kissing his boyfriend in front of a sold-out Richmond home crowd after the team's final game.

The touching manner with which Ted Lasso's creators handled a difficult storyline did not go unnoticed, with fans taking to social media to praise those involved in bringing it to life in the heartfelt style which runs throughout the popular Apple TV+ show.

And now two leading LGBTQ commentators have complimented those behind Colin's journey for portraying a serious topic in an 'advanced' and 'significant' way to millions of viewers around the world.

Speaking exclusively on a special Pride episode of The Footballco Business Podcast about how the media covers sexuality and gender in football, Erin Williams, Sport Programme Manager for LGBTQ charity Stonewall, and film and TV writer Jack King, revealed their delight over the way the story unfolded.

"I think it was a lot more advanced than what we've seen in a lot of other shows," Williams told host Jon Holmes, the founder of Sports Media LGBT+.

"I was excited. I love it when I get to see queer things on sports programmes, on anything. It's still at that point of representation is still important.

"I had so many people texting me, like have you seen it? Have you seen it? And I was actually really pleasantly surprised when I saw how Trent Crimm as the journalist handled it.

"And I could kind of see his own storyline carry on from season one, where he was this quiet English football journalist to a new guy in Ted Lasso, but not mean, just doing his job but being able to turn on those areas of editing and empathy.

"And, you know, I've definitely been there as a person in my thirties who've been out for a very long time, working with young people, coaching them, seeing them and seeing them mirror my journey and just be like, right, this is the moment to be that person I wish I had. And I think Trent does that.

"I would have loved to see more. I want a spin-off. I want the rest of the series to just be about Colin and Trent and their journey."

King, who writes for publications including GQ and Vulture, added: "I thought it was refreshing that Trent wasn't just depicted in that kind of stereotypical journalistic way, where he lets the scoop get the better of him and he's taken the immoral route.

"And then of course we find out why is because he's also gay. I think the forthrightness and the honesty of the conversation they share (Colin and Trent) is really, really impactful and sweet.

"I'm not going to use a superlative like revolutionary or something like that but it was significant to see that kind of story unfolding.

"It was obviously incredibly timely and reflective of the conversations that we're having and have had today. It was really refreshing to see."

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