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FIFA 23 pre-order bonuses: Ultimate edition & standard edition add-ons & price differences

11:47 GMT+4 31/07/2022
FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition split
GOAL tells you what makes each version of the different game editions unique, including their perks, bonuses and prices

FIFA 23 is out in September 2022 and it will be the final collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA as they prepare to part ways after almost three decades of association.

The FIFA 23 will be released in three editions: Standard, Ultimate and Legacy Edition.

Here's what you need to know about each version to help you decide which edition to pre-order.

FIFA 23 standard edition price & add-ons

The standard edition of FIFA 23 costs £59.99 in the United Kingdom and $59.99 in the United States. The next-gen versions will be a bit dearer at £69.99 & $69.99 respectively.

EA Play subscribers might also benefit from a 10 per cent discount if they pre-order.

The standard game does have some out-of-the-box exclusive add-ons, including:

  • TOTW 1 Player Item

From the random pool of 23 players, one of them will be assigned to your FUT club as an untradeable item.

  • FUT Cover Star Loan Player

A regular loan item of Kylian Mbappe will be available to use in the FUT squad for five matches.

  • Pack Ambassador Player Pick

The first player pick can be done from three players used by EA Sports to promote their game. They can be used in the FUT squad up to three matches.

  • Career Mode Homegrown Talent

This is an offer that is not specific to FUT. While starting a new career mode, the youth team will have a player who will have the potential to become a star in the future.

FIFA 23 Ultimate edition price & add-ons

The Ultimate edition of FIFA 23 has been priced at £89.99 in the UK and $99.99 in the US.

Apart from the standard edition features, there are a host of additional FIFA Ultimate Team items that make the Ultimate version the most coveted edition.

  • Early Access

FIFA 23 Ultimate edition will be available for download from September 27 rather than September 30.

  • FIFA Points

EA will provide 4600 FIFA points which can prove to be extremely useful during the FUT Draft.

  • Dual Entitlement

The Ultimate edition allows PlayStation 4 owners to freely upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version or Xbox One owners to upgrade to the Xbox Series X/S version through the Dual Entitlement offer.

  • Untradeable OTW Item

The Ones to Watch Out player item is one of the first special items. You will receive one random untradeable item for your FUT squad.

  • Untradeable FIFA WC Hero Item

Those who order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition before August 21st will receive a random untradeable Hero Player item on November 11th that can be used in your team.

FIFA 23 standard vs Ultimate edition price comparison




PS5 / Xbox Series X/S

£69.99 / $69.99

£89.99 / $99.99

PS4 / Xbox One

£59.99 / $59.99

£89.99 / $99.99


£49.99 / $59.99

£79.99 / $99.99

How do the FIFA 23 editions compare?


FIFA 23 Standard Edition

Fifa 23 Ultimate Edition

Early Access



FIFA Points


4600 points

Team of the Week 1 Player item



Career Mode Homegrown Talent



Cover Star Loan Item



FUT Ambassador Player Pick



FUT Heroes Player Item


Yes (Pre-order before Aug 21)

FUT 23 Ones to Watch Item



Dual Entitlement



Legacy Edition

The Legacy edition is available only for Nintendo Switch owners. It is basically FIFA 22 but names, kits, and teams will be updated to the latest.

The recently added Women's teams and Juventus will also be a part of the Legacy Edition.

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