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Exceptional 2022 World Cup set for a fitting finale on Qatar National Day

13:06 GMT+4 18/12/2022
Lusail Stadium

29 days of exhilarating World Cup action is all set for its grand culmination on Sunday when France take on Argentina at the iconic Lusail Stadium.

It has been a World Cup rife with exceptional matches, magical moments, thrilling twists and humongous upsets. In short, the 2022 World Cup has had all the thrills, spills and frills. And now, Lionel Messi’s Argentina takes on Kylian Mbappe’s France for the World Cup title.

And it is fitting that the curtains will fall on a stunning tournament on December 18, a special day for the hosts Qatar. December 18 is Qatar’s National Day and it is the perfect day for a show-stopping event - one which Qatar have been planning for more than a decade.

When the 2022 World Cup bid was won in 2010, Qatar promised to Deliver Amazing and that is what they have done over the course of the tournament. And what better way to end it than on the country’s National Day.

And not just in a sporting sense. But in terms of stadiums, playing facilities, fan experience, infrastructure and connectivity. Qatar have showcased beautiful, modern and state-of-the-art venues for this tournament and these venues have been extremely fan friendly.

Then there is the infrastructure which has been top notch, especially the transportation facilities which have eased the accessibility of the eight venues for fans. Of course, the fan experience has also been exceptional. In fact, this World Cup has brought together fans from different cultures and backgrounds like no other has.

Given how accessible Qatar is as a country, the World Cup was experienced by fans from around the world - from South America, from Arab nations, from African countries and from Asian countries like India. Qatar 2022 has thrown a lot of visibility on fans from non-traditional footballing countries.

Of course, Qatar have overcome a lot of challenges and questions that were thrown at them over the last decade, especially in the run up to the World Cup. But they have answered them and thrown the world a fitting party.

More importantly, the 2022 World Cup has been a catalyst of change and progress for Qatar as they look towards fulfilling their National Vision 2030. It has brought about changes in labour reforms, worker welfare, infrastructure development and the overall outlook of Qatar as a country among the larger world.

And as such, the Qatar National Day on December 18 is the perfect stage to end what has been an amazing World Cup.