'I am the opposite of that' - Ex-PSG boss Christophe Galtier denies racism allegations dating back to his time at Nice

Christophe Galtier 2022-23 PSGGetty Images

Galtier, along with his son John Valovic, stand accused of having made racist remarks during their time at the Allianz Riviera Stadium.

Nice’s sporting director, Julien Fournier, is said to have leaked the email in which the accusations in question came to light.

Fournier has admitted writing the email in question as a means of “protecting” himself, with a criminal investigation now underway.

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Galtier was taken into custody back in June, alongside his son, as the charges against him were formalised.

He is due to stand trial in a French court and faces the threat of up to three years in prison.

Galtier has, however, always maintained his innocence and continues to speak out against accusations that he considers to be entirely wide of the mark.

He has also denied ever asking players on his books not to honour the Ramadan fast that forms part of Muslim culture.

Galtier has told Canal Plus: “It’s false, completely false. People in football know me, players know me, managers know me, but obviously in such an affair, we keep one phrase and we don’t keep all the people that have supported me.

“On Ramadan, and the period of Ramadan, me, as a manager, I have just one obsession: the health of my players and the performance of my team – full stop.”

He went on to say: “My players managed Ramadan as they wanted. They all played.

“We can analyse, judge, and criticise the way that I made the team play, that I’m called a defensive coach, but I can’t accept being called a racist. I can’t accept it. I am the opposite of that.”