Everton's takeover by 777 Partners thrown into doubt after investigation launched into basketball investment

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  • 777 Partners acquired a 94.4% stake in Everton
  • Takeover has since been plunged into doubt
  • Concern over history of late payments

WHAT HAPPENED? 777 Partners' takeover of Everton has been thrown into doubt after it was revealed the company have been making late payments, raising complaints from seven out of 10 British Basketball League clubs, as reported by The Telegraph.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: 777 Partners agreed to buy out a 94.4% stake of Everton, adding the Toffees to their portfolio of European football clubs, and increasing the company's sporting portfolio. The takeover is still subject to the firm passing the Premier League's Owners' and Directors' Test.


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DID YOU KNOW? The European clubs 777 Partners have a stake in include Genoa in Italy, Sevilla in Spain, Standard Liege in Belgium and Red Star FC in France.

WHAT NEXT FOR EVERTON? With a new stadium on the horizon and the men's squad struggling for form, survival isn't a guarantee and investment is needed. Everton may have to move quickly for new investment if this move breaks down.