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90' + 10'
J. Giménez
Yellow Card
G. de Arrascaeta
L. Suárez
0 - 2
G. de Arrascaeta
0 - 1
A. Ayew
Penalty Miss
S. Rochet
Penalty Save

Match Stats

50% 49%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 7
Total Passes 432 433
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Portugal POR Portugal 3 2 0 1 6 4 +2 6 L W W
2 Korea Republic KOR Korea Republic 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4 W L D
3 Uruguay URU Uruguay 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4 W L D
4 Ghana GHA Ghana 3 1 0 2 5 7 -2 3 L W L


8th Finals


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Uruguay finished level on points with South Korea but were just edged on goals scored, after only netting twice in the tournament. Ghana only needed a draw to go through, but a slow first half ended up costing them.
Uruguay and Ghana are both knocked out of the World Cup, despite a 2-0 win for Uruguay. Andre Ayew had the chance to give Ghana the lead from the spot after VAR awarded a penalty for a late challenge by Rochet, but his tame effort was saved. Two goals in six minutes from De Arrascaeta then put Uruguay in the driving seat and they were heading into the last 16 until a late goal for South Korea in the other game gave them a win. Uruguay were denied a penalty by VAR, and no matter how hard both sides pushed, they couldn't find the back of the net in stoppage time.
J. Giménez
Yellow Card
90' + 10' Gimenez has also picked up a booking after the final whistle for his part in the protests.
E. Cavani
Yellow Card
90' + 10' Uruguay are furious that the referee chose to end the game when he did and they are swarming around him. Cavani crosses a line with his protests and goes into the book for dissent.
90' + 10' This has to be the last chance for Uruguay. De La Cruz steps up to take the free-kick through the middle and lifts his shot over the wall, but it's straight at Ati-Zigi, who makes a comfortable save.
A. Seidu
Yellow Card
90' + 9' It's a really poor challenge from Seidu on Gomez, and he gets nowhere near the ball, so he receives a late booking.
A. Fatawu
M. Kudus
90' + 8' Final roll of the dice for Ghana now as Kudus is replaced by Fatawu.
90' + 7' WIDE! Uruguay's turn to attack now and the unmarked Cavani is picked out on the right of the box. He unselfishly squares it to Coates, who is now playing as a centre forward, but he pokes his shot wide.
90' + 6' ROCHET SAVES! It's end-to-end at the moment as both teams go in search of a vital goal. Ghana break on the counter this time and Sulemana takes aim, but the keeper gets behind this one as well.
90' + 5' GOOD SAVE! Uruguay exploit the space left behind during Ghana's attack. It falls to Gomez, who takes on a shot from range, but Ati-Zigi gets down to tip his low effort wide.
90' + 4' WHAT A BLOCK! Baba keeps it in play off Varela and lifts a great cross into the box. Semenyo chests is down before firing on goal and Coates throws himself in front of it to make a vital block.
90' + 3' Ghana's counter-attack is brought to an end by the offside flag and Uruguay go straight down the other end. Cavani topples over in the box under little pressure, and the referee quickly waves away the penalty claims.
90' + 1' Ati-Zigi landed awkwardly on his neck after making the save to deny Cavani and he's receiving treatment now. He'll be able to carry on for stoppage time though, of which there will be eight minutes.
89' WHAT A SAVE! De La Cruz clips a great cross into the near post and Cavani gets between the defenders to thump a header towards goal. Ati-Zigi tips it over the bar, but it wouldn't have counted as the flag goes up.
88' The news has filtered into the stadium from the other game that South Korea have taken the lead against Portugal. As it stands, both teams are out of the World Cup, unless Uruguay can find another goal. Ghana would need two.
S. Coates
Yellow Card
87' Coates takes out Semenyo with a really poor challenge and he goes into the referee's book.
K. Sulemana
Yellow Card
86' It's a late one from Sulemana, who leaves a foot in on Valverde and he's shown a yellow card.
85' Ghana are upping the pressure here, but still, they can't find a way through. It's all in front of Uruguay, and the manager's frustration is showing on the touchline.
83' Ghana are staying compact when Uruguay do have the ball. Cavani and Canobbio are linking up well down the right, but can't make their way into the final third.
81' GOOD SAVE! Baba is looking to open up space for his own shot, but Kudus takes it off his hands. He gets it out of his feet before firing towards the far bottom corner, and Rochet gets down to push it wide.
A. Canobbio
G. de Arrascaeta
80' And the goalscorer, De Arrascaeta is also taken off for Canobbio.
M. Gómez
D. Núñez
80' Final changes for Uruguay now. Nunez is the first to go off, with Gomez on in his place.
79' WIDE! Sulemana was stretching to reach the ball, but it works out well for Semenyo on the left of the box. He takes the shot quickly, drilling it low across goal, but sends it wide of the far post.
78' It's a speculative effort at best from Valverde, who spots the keeper off his line and takes on the shot from his own half. It has the keeper scrambling backwards, but it's just over the back of the net.
76' Sulemana gets a yard on Varela down the left, but takes too long to put a cross in and it's blocked. Kyereh swings the corner in, but Coates clears his lines.
74' It's too slow from Ghana, and they're struggling to get in behind Uruguay. They're keeping the ball well in midfield, but their final pass is lacking at the moment.
D. Kyereh
S. Abdul Samed
72' And Kyereh is also on in place of Abdul Samed.
A. Semenyo
I. Williams
72' Another double change for Ghana here as they look to get a goal. Williams is replaced by Semenyo.
71' CHANCE! It's good work from Kudus, who weaves his way past three Uruguay players to open up space for a shot just outside the D. He snatches at it though and it flies over the bar.
70' GOOD SAVE! Valverde is a long way out from goal but it bounces up nicely in front of him so he puts his laces through it. It's heading into the near bottom corner, but Ati-Zigi gets down to push it away.
68' Ghana win a corner and it's a good delivery from Williams. It loops into the air and Partey tries to bring it down but inadvertently turns it towards goal. It's a simple save for Rochet.
N. de la Cruz
F. Pellistri
66' And Pellistri is also taken off, with De La Cruz coming on for him.
E. Cavani
L. Suárez
66' Double change for Uruguay now. Suarez is the first to make way as he hands the captain's armband onto Cavani.
65' WIDE! Olivera makes good progress down the left and he plays a one-two with Vecino, who just touches it into Pellistri's path. He takes the shot first time but drills it wide of the near post.
64' It's better from Ghana here as Sulemana whipped a wonderful cross into the far post. Rochet let it go, not realising Bukari was behind him, but it was just out of his reach.
62' Ghana still need two goals if they want to reach the knockout stages, but they're struggling to get the ball into the box. Everything they do is in front of Uruguay at the moment.
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
60' The foul goes against Valverde and Suarez kicks the ball in frustration which results in a yellow card for him.
59' NO PENALTY! Amartey is stretching across Nunez and it is a clumsy attempt to win the ball. It looked like Nunez handled it before the challenge though, and the referee sticks with his original decision.
57' De Arrascaeta lifts it over the top for Nunez, who brings it down and tries to open up space for a shot. He's clumsily bundled down by Amartey and the referee says he got the ball, but VAR is having a look at it.
55' Uruguay win a free-kick through the middle and Valverde lifts in into the far post. Gimenez and Suarez both go for it, with the defender flicking it on, but the offside flag is up.
53' De Arrascaeta is the third Uruguayan to score two goals in the first half of a World Cup match, after Juan Peregrino Anselmo vs Yugoslavia in 1930 and Oscar Miguez vs Bolivia in 1950. Uruguay won the World Cup at both editions.
51' The half-time changes have given Ghana a much-needed boost as Williams pushes forward down the right again. He lifts a good cross into the far post and Pellistri flicks it away just in front of Sulemana.
49' Uruguay break quickly on the counter and it's played down the right for Nunez to chase. He beats Baba to it and lifts a deep cross in from the byline, but there's too much on it for Suarez.
47' GREAT CHANCE! Baba whips it in from the left to pick out Bukari on the far side. He takes a touch before drilling it across goal and Kudus sticks out a leg to try and help it on target, but he can't get there.
46' Ghana get us back underway for the second half!
O. Bukari
A. Ayew
46' And Andre Ayew, who missed the first-half penalty, is replaced by Bukari.
K. Sulemana
J. Ayew
46' Ghana are making a double change at the start of the second half. Jordan Ayew is the first to make way, with Sulemana coming on for him.
As things stand, Uruguay are going through to the round of 16 as runners-up in Group H while Ghana are heading out. South Korea have equalised against Portugal, and if they turn things around completely, Uruguay will be knocked out on goals scored. Ghana need a much better second half though because they know a draw will be enough at the moment.
Two goals in six minutes sees Uruguay take a 2-0 lead over Ghana into half-time. The Black Stars had the opportunity to take the lead from the spot after VAR awarded a penalty for a late challenge by Rochet, but Andre Ayew's tame effort was saved. Just four minutes later, Uruguay made them pay for that as De Arrascaeta nodded in the rebound of Suarez's shot, and the captain then set him up for his second shortly after as well. Nunez also saw an effort cleared off the line.
45' + 7' Pellistri is racing into the box and Amartey is trying to shield the ball back to Ati-Zigi. The defender just pushes the youngster out of the way to make sure he doesn't latch onto it.
45' + 5' CHANCE! Valverde swings another free-kick in from the right and Gimenez leaps high above everyone else to reach it. His header is always rising and it loops over the bar.
45' + 3' Ghana have nearly everyone back in their own box and Uruguay work it down the right. Varela and Pellistri link up well, but the cross is blocked yet again.
45' + 1' Into the first of eight added minutes in the first half here and Uruguay are breaking forward again. Varela has space to run into down the right, but can't pick out a team-mate with his cross.
44' Uruguay win a free-kick on the right and Varela swings it into the box. It comes off a Ghana head in the crowd and Suarez kees it alive on the far side, only to see his cross blocked.
42' De Arrascaeta lost control of the ball and stepped on Seidu, who had slid in to clear the ball. He's still down holding his side, but he can carry on after treatment.
40' De Arrascaeta has now scored seven goals in his last eight starts for Uruguay across all competitions, while this was his first time scoring for his country at the World Cup.
38' Coates goes long over the top for Nunez, and he brings it down with a wonderful touch. He holds it up at the byline before pulling it back for Suarez, but Abdul Samed cuts it out.
36' SAVE! Seidu cuts open Uruguay's midfield with his throughball, and Kudus spins to get to the edge of the D. He takes aim from range, and it deflects wide for a corner.
M. Vecino
R. Bentancur
34' Bentancur is down and after receiving treatment, he's going to make his way straight down the tunnel. Vecino comes on to replace him.
L. Suárez
32' It was all one-touch from Uruguay and Suarez was no different as he cushioned it into De Arrascaeta's path.
G. de Arrascaeta
32' DE ARRASCAETA SCORES AGAIN! It's a lovely goal from Uruguay. Pellistri lifts it up and Nunez nods it on so that Suarez can help it onto De Arrascaeta. He has a quick glance up and fizzes his low shot towards goal. It sneaks under Ati-Zigi and into the back of the net. 2-0 Uruguay!
30' Ghana just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment and they give away a sloppy free-kick when Suarez goes down. They take it short but keep the Black Stars penned back in their own half.
28' Uruguay are on the attack again and Pellistri is bundled over in the box, but Suarez manages to keep it alive. He tries to lift it into De Arrascaeta, but Baba gets there first.
G. de Arrascaeta
26' DE ARRASCAETA SCORES! Uruguay have their first goal in this World Cup! He starts the move by winning it on the halfway line and Pellistri swings a cross in from the right. Suarez's low shot is saved by Ati-Zigi, but it bounces over his arms and De Arrascaeta nods it in at the far post. 1-0 Uruguay!
25' Things are starting to get a little frantic following those last two chances. De Arrascaeta slides another lovely throughball into the box, but Suarez is caught on his heels and Amartey clears.
23' CLEARED! Nunez nicks it off Amartey and plays a lovely one-two with De Arrascaeta, who slides it into the box. Ati-Zigi rushes off his line so Nunez dinks it over him, but Salisu rushes back to clear it away from the empty net.
S. Rochet
Penalty Save
21' All Rochet needed to do was guess the right way, which he did, and it was a comfortable save low to his left.
A. Ayew
Penalty Miss
21' IT'S SAVED! Andre Ayew had to wait a long time to take the penalty and it's a really poor attempt from the Ghana captain. He takes a slow run-up but gets nowhere near enough power on it and it's a comfortable save for Rochet, who gets down to his left. Still 0-0!
D. Núñez
Yellow Card
19' All of the Uruguay players are arguing against the decision to the referee. Nunez crosses a line though and he's booked for dissent.
18' PENALTY TO GHANA! They've checked the offside against Andre Ayew and he timed his run, so the replays are showing the challenge from Rochet who dived across and caught Kudus. There's clear contact and the referee points to the spot!
17' VAR is checking a possible penalty for Ghana here. Originally, the referee gave offside against Andre Ayew before Rochet brought down Kudus in his attempt to take it away from the forward.
16' SAVE! Ghana's first real attack of the game causes Uruguay all sorts of problems. Jordan Ayew cuts inside from the left and drills a low shot on goal which Andre Ayew flicks on and Rochet bundles it away before pushing it away from Kudus on the follow-up.
14' Uruguay have made a really bright start to this game and Suarez flicks it behind him to pick out Nunez. He takes it into the box, but can't sort his feet out quickly enough and Partey gets back to nick it off him.
12' There's good news coming from the other group game for both of these sides as Portugal have taken an early lead over South Korea as which eases some of the pressure
10' Pellistri makes a great run down the right and holds off Baba to get to the byline and pull it back into a dangerous area. There's nobody there for Uruguay though and Salisu clears his lines.
8' Suarez is the only player in the starting line-up for Ghana-Uruguay who also started the 2010 World Cup quarter-final between the two teams.
6' Suarez is getting booed by the Ghana fans in the stadium every time he touches the ball. He drives down the left and tries to cut inside to cross it to Nunez, only to be dispossessed by Amartey.
4' De Arrascaeta wins it back and picks out Bentancur, whose first thought is to slide it into the box for Nunez. The forward topples over under pressure from Salisu, but there was nothing in it.
2' It's Uruguay with the early possession here as they work it down the right for Pellistri. Salisu beats him to it and just manages to shield it out of play for a goal-kick.
1' Suarez gets the game underway for Uruguay!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Following their 2-0 defeat to Portugal last time out, Uruguay are looking to avoid losing two group-stage matches in a single edition of the World Cup for the first time since 1974.
Diego Alonso makes three changes from their defeat to Portugal on Monday. Suarez is brought back into the side, along with Pellistri and De Arrascaeta. Godin, Vecino and Cavani all start on the bench.
Otto Addo makes just two changes to the side that edged past South Korea last time out, and it's both full-backs that are swapped, with Seidu and Baba coming in. Lamptey and Mensah both drop to the bench.
URUGUAY SUBS: Manuel Ugarte, Maxi Gomez, Jose Rodriguez, Matias Vecino, Matias Vina, Sebastian Sosa, Agustin Canobbio, Martin Caceres, Fernando Muslera, Lucas Torreira, Edinson Cavani, Nicolas De La Cruz, Diego Godin, Facundo Torres.
URUGUAY STARTING XI (4-4-2): Sergio Rochet; Guillermo Varela, Jose Gimenez, Sebastian Coates, Mathias Olivera; Facundo Pellistri, Federico Valverde, Rodrigo Bentancur, Giorgian de Arrascaeta; Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunez.
GHANA SUBS: Ibrahim Danlad, Osman Kuari, Daniel-Kofi Kyereh, Issahaku Fatawu, Gideon Mensah, Elisha Owusu, Kamaldeen Sulemana, Daniel Afriyie, Kamal Sowah, Alexander Djiku, Abdul Nurudeen, Tariq Lamptey, Denis Odoi, Antoine Semenyo, Joseph Aidoo.
GHANA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Lawrence Ati-Zigi; Alidu Seidu, Daniel Amartey, Mohammed Salisu, Abdul Rahman Baba; Thomas Partey, Salis Abdul Samed; Mohammed Kudus, Andre Ayew, Jordan Ayew; Inaki Williams.
Only one qualification spot is still up for grabs in Group H, and both sides have a chance of finishing in it. Ghana are on three points and a win here will see them qualify, though a draw will be enough if South Korea don't beat Portugal. As for Uruguay, they have just one point on the board so far which means they need to win and hope South Korea drop points, or win by a bigger margin than the Asian side to go through. This is the first meeting between these sides since the famous quarter-final in 2010 which saw Luis Suarez sent off for a deliberate handball before Asamoah Gyan missed the resulting penalty in the dying seconds. Uruguay progressed on penalties after a 1-1 draw.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup Group H meeting between Ghana and Uruguay at the Al Janoub Stadium!