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World Cup 2022 kits: England, USMNT, Argentina, Portugal & shirts every team will wear at finals in Qatar

18:50 GMT+4 14/11/2022
World cup kits 2022
With FIFA’s flagship event heading to the Middle East in November, GOAL takes a look at how 32 expectant nations will be kitted out

After waiting four-and-a-half years for the World Cup finals to roll around again, a global gathering of football’s elite is almost upon us once more in Qatar. There will be plenty of superstar performers on show in the Middle East, with the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane set to strut their stuff on the game's grandest stage.

FIFA’s flagship event puts the most prestigious of sporting prizes up for grabs, with all of those involved taking aim at a place in the final on December 18.

Thirty-two nations will start out in that quest when the group stage gets underway and GOAL brings you a full rundown of the kits that will be donned by the cream of European, South American, Asian, African and North American crops.

  • Argentina 2022 World Cup Kit

    Argentina – Home kit

    Argentina’s home kit for the 2022 World Cup, designed by adidas, takes inspiration from the nation's historic winning ways. The shirt features stripes across the top in the country’s traditional white and baby blue colour scheme and navy blue accents throughout, including the classic three-stripe stamp on the garment.

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  • Argentina away kit World Cup 2022

    Argentina – Away kit

    Argentina have been given a vibrant purple away kit inspired by the quest for an equal world. The lavender colourway represents the fight for gender equality, combined with a fiery graphic in reference to the national flag's famous Sun of May.

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  • Australia home kit World Cup 2022

    Australia – Home kit

    The Socceroos are preparing to grace their fifth successive World Cup finals and will be hoping to make it out of the group stage for just the second time in their history. That quest will be taken on while donning a home kit that stays loyal to a University Gold, Tour Yellow and Green Noise theme while paying homage to the country’s sandy landscape and forests.

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  • Australia away kit World Cup 2022

    Australia – Away kit

    Simple is often best, and Australia are not looking for anything too fancy from their change strip. The design from Nike is predominantly dark blue, but does feature Green Glow accents on the collar, cuffs and logos that offer a nod towards the nation’s marine life and reefs.

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  • Belgium home kit World Cup 2022

    Belgium – Home kit

    Belgium stick with tradition when favouring a red torso and black ragan sleeves, but they very much break the mould when it comes to flames running up the arms. The graphics have a slightly digitalised look, while the nation’s badge is given a shiny gold finish.

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  • Belgium away kit World Cup 2022

    Belgium – Away kit

    An impressive change strip is inspired by the adidas x Belgian FA x Tomorrowland “LOVE” capsule collection. The design features vibrant multicoloured trim, with the Belgian FA badge brightened up, while light grey sleeves break up a white base and the word ‘LOVE’ is printed on the back of the jersey.

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  • Brazil home kit World Cup 2022

    Brazil – Home kit

    Yellow shirts, blue shorts and white socks – you know what you are getting with Brazil. Twists can be put on an old classic, though, and the Selecao have worked a subtle debossed jaguar pattern into their latest design. There is also beautiful button detailing on the collar that resembles the nation’s flag.

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  • Brazil away kit World Cup 2022

    Brazil – Away kit

    Brazil favour a stylish blue base in their 2022 away strip, with light green accents featuring on the sleeves and Nike swoosh. The official colours are paramount blue/dynamic yellow/green spark, with the five-time World Cup winners always looking to stand out from the crowd.

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  • Cameroon home kit 2022 World Cup

    Cameroon – Home kit

    Cameroon have released new kits for the 2022 World Cup in association with One All Sports, but a court ruling may yet force them back into a deal with Le Coq Sportif that they considered to have been cancelled. For now, the Indomitable Lions will don a green shirt with red and yellow trim that features the One All Sports logo between the Cameroonian FA badge and the nation’s lion’s head emblem.

  • Cameroon away kit 2022 World Cup

    Cameroon - Away kit

    Cameroon’s away kit uses the same template as the home jersey, just with white brought in as the base colour. The Cameroonian tricolour features again in the cuffs, while the collar switches from red to white. A third kit, which may be required at some stage, follows the same design but with red taking centre stage.

  • Canada home kit World Cup 2022

    Canada – Home kit

    Canada are the only side at the 2022 World Cup that will not be releasing a new set of kits ahead of a global showpiece in the Middle East. Instead, a country readying itself for a first outing at FIFA’s flagship event since 1986 will be sticking with the shirts donned during a successful qualification campaign.

  • Canada away kit World Cup 2022

    Canada – Away kit

    With Canada favouring red in their home kit, they switch to white in their change strip as the colours of the nation’s flag shine through. Clean and simple designs are accentuated by the nation’s soccer crest, which features a striking maple leaf – the country’s most recognised symbol.

  • Costa Rica home kit World Cup 2022

    Costa Rica – Home kit

    A clean design from Costa Rica as they prepare to grace a third successive World Cup finals. Their home kit boasts a red base with thick blue cuffs and white trim. A new national emblem was introduced in December 2021, with inspiration drawn from the country’s coat of arms – including three volcanoes – with a gold border representing “the aim of highlighting the teams as the elite of national football.”

  • Costa Rica away kit World Cup 2022

    Costa Rica – Away kit

    The Costa Rican change strip swaps red with white as the basic template remains the same. Both kits feature “FCRF” printed on the back of the collar in gold and have been released under the tagline of “stepping out onto the world stage, for honour and glory”.

  • Croatia home kit World Cup 2022

    Croatia – Home kit

    There is only so much you can do with red and white checkers, but Nike and Croatia have come up with a fresh take on an iconic design. There is more clear space on the front of the jersey, with familiar blocks closely packed on the arms. The two main colours of the jersey are combined with Battle Blue accents.

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  • Croatia away kit World Cup 2022

    Croatia – Away kit

    Navy has been the away colour of choice for Croatia of late, and they tread a similar path in 2022 as “Blackened Blue” is offset by University Red. Much like the home design, a unique approach is taken when it comes to on-shirt graphics as blurred checkers fade in and out around the left shoulder.

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  • Denmark home kit World Cup 2022

    Denmark – Home kit

    A unique, monochrome design has been delivered for Denmark by Hummel, with inspiration taken from a famous jersey worn at the 1992 European Championship. The home shirt features a “FOR DANMARK” inscription on the inner collar, while the inner shirt has the “EN DEL AF NOGET STØRRE” (A Part of Something Bigger) message worked into it.

  • Denmark away kit World Cup 2022

    Denmark – Away kit

    Denmark’s away kit has the same design and detailing as the home kit, but is switched from red to white with tonal logos and prints. The nod to 1992 is retained in the shoulder and sleeves, with the Danes having famously been crowned European champions in a tournament that they only competed in after Yugoslavia were disqualified.

  • Ecuador home kit World Cup 2022

    Ecuador – Home kit

    Ecuador have a new national badge to adorn their World Cup 2022 shirts from Marathon. The home design boasts a vibrant yellow base with blue and red accents. Flag detail is present on the sleeve cuffs, a subtle zig-zag pattern runs across the front and a map of the country sits on the upper back.

  • Ecuador away kit World Cup 2022

    Ecuador - Away kit

    Ecuador’s change strip is mainly navy blue with a light blue geometric patten on the front. White trim is included on the collar and cuffs, with the country’s flag incorporated once again, while the nation’s badge is recoloured into silver.

  • England home world cup kit

    England - Home kit

    England will be turning the clock back to the 1990s with their kits, as their home shirt offers a nod to a Euro 96 offering. The white shirt features a blue gradient on the shoulder blades to create a youthful appearance. Whilst a distorted Three Lions graphic on the shoulders is layered with sharp angles to replicate claw marks. 

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  • England World Cup away kit

    England - Away kit

    The away kit bears a striking resemblance to a red design that was featured in their Italia 90 World Cup wardrobe. It certainly is the return of the iconic all-over Challenge Red colourway, featuring a re-imagine collar which reveals a bold knitted Three Lions graphic when it’s popped up.

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  • France home kit World Cup 2022

    France – Home kit

    A stylish look for the reigning champions, with holders France stepping out in a dark blue shirt with golden touches. The colour scheme is Midnight Navy, with a classy collar featuring a subtle button at the front. An oak leaf pattern can be found on the sleeve, cuffs and collar – which represents strength, solidarity and peace - while the nation’s flag is also worked into the arms.

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  • France away kit World Cup 2022

    France – Away kit

    White and Game Royal are the colours favoured by the 2018 World Cup winners in their change strip, which boasts a remarkable graphic print throughout. Taking inspiration from the traditional Toile de Jouy fabric, woven into the jersey are iconic moments and landmarks associated with France – including the Arc de Triomphe, a cockerel and Clairefontaine.

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  • Germany Wolrd Cup 2022 home kit

    Germany – Home kit

    Germany's 2022 shirt features a bold vertical black stripe which pays tribute to the nation's very first shirt. It elevates the kit for a modern era with a clean aesthetic and gold detailing on the club badge and adidas logo, which sit at the centre of the shirt. The national flag colours on the collar tie up the sleek look.

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  • Germany away kit World Cup 2022

    Germany – Away kit

    The Germany away kit comes in a bold cherry red and black colourway, both colours lent from the national flag. A neat little design feature is added in the form of a blurred 'D' of Deutschland in an all-over pattern to represent the dynamic football played by the squad.

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  • Ghana home kit World Cup 2022

    Ghana – Home kit

    The Black Stars have reverted back to a slick, minimalist design for their World Cup campaign. Having favoured all-over geometric patterns with their last home shirt, Ghana will be in plain white once again in 2022 – with red, yellow and green cuffs, along with a traditional star in the centre of the chest, adding a touch of colour.

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  • Ghana away kit World Cup 2022

    Ghana – Away kit

    A striking new look will, in association with Puma, be donned by Ghana when they revert to their change strip at the 2022 World Cup. The design is mainly red but has a darker vertical strip running down it’s centre. Within that is a yellow box that will house squad numbers and the black star of the country’s crest.

  • Iran home kit World Cup 2022

    Iran – Home kit

    Iran, in association with manufacturers Majid, only released a new set of kits back in January, but another helping of fresh material has been delivered for the World Cup finals. A clean, predominantly white design features the colours of the nation’s flag on the collars and cuffs and a bold spotted pattern on the shoulders and sides.

  • Iran away kit World Cup 2022

    Iran – Away kit

    Iran’s away kit is based on the same template as their home offering, but with red being used as the main base colour. The flag detailing on cuffs and collars remains, as does the Iranian cheetah pattern on the sleeves.

  • Japan home kit World Cup 2022

    Japan – Home kit

    Origami and the art of self-expression are at the heart of Japan's World Cup kits. The glitched graphic design is inspired by the three-legged crow to represent speed and the art of Origami. It comes in a traditional electric blue and white colourway.

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  • Japan away kit World Cup 2022

    Japan – Away kit

    Japan's away kit represents the free-flowing playing style adopted by the Japanese squad. The white shirt has colourful origami shapes in shades of red and blue across the sleeves and shoulders of the shirt to add a pop of vibrancy to an otherwise classic shirt.

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  • Mexico 2022 World Cup home kit

    Mexico – Home kit

    Mexico make a welcome return to their tried and tested for 2022. The zig-zag design, made up of intricate lines, represents the feathered headdress of the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl. It's also a welcome return to the traditional green home kit after the team went with a black and pink palette for last year's design.

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  • Mexico World Cup away kit 2022

    Mexico – Away kit

    Adidas pay tribute to the ancient civilisations rooted in Mexican history to summon the team's fighting spirit for the away shirt. Five special symbols make up the intricate graphic all-over print in red, which pops up nicely against the white shirt. The inside of the collar features Quetzalcoat's serpent body, which is a representation of humankind's physical abilities.

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  • Morocco home kit World Cup 2022

    Morocco – Home kit

    A block of red offers a nod towards the country’s flag, with splashes of green and white incorporated on the chest. Puma has also added a green tint to the neck and cuffs, while ‘Morocco’ is printed in Arabic on the jersey’s nape.

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  • Morocco away kit World Cup 2022

    Morocco – Away kit

    A clean white base design is set off slightly by a light grey central stripe, while Puma’s logo and the country’s national emblem take on different shades of green. A circular geometric patten that adorns the centre of the jersey has become standard practice for Puma in their away kit designs.

  • Netherlands home kit World Cup 2022

    Netherlands – Home kit

    The ‘Oranje’ are back in a different shade of orange to that which has been used in more recent times, with a Laser Orange palette conjuring up memories of 1998 European Championship winners. A slightly darker shade is used for an all-over graphic that is inspired by the fur of a lion.

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  • Netherlands away kit World Cup 2022

    Netherlands – Away kit

    While the Netherlands home went bold with their home shirt, an away offering from Nike is more business-like. Deep Royal is the colour of choice, with the Dutch favouring a blue change strip for the first time since 2016 – with a design that features Habanero Red accents boasting a striking resemblance to the nation’s away kit from 2000.

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  • Poland home kit World Cup 2022

    Poland – Home kit

    Poland will be looking to talismanic frontman Robert Lewandowski for inspiration at the 2022 World Cup, as the Barcelona striker prepares to skipper his country into another major tournament. He will be donning a fresh, white home design from Nike that features red logos and a subtle striped graphic on the shoulders and sleeves that depict the nest and feathers of a white eagle.

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  • Poland away kit World Cup 2022

    Poland – Away kit

    Another clean design from Nike sees Poland keep things simple with their change strip. Touches of white are delivered in the collar, cuffs and logos as a solid block of deep red is favoured as the base colour. The nation’s badge remains the same on both home and away kits.

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  • Portugal home kit World Cup 2022

    Portugal – Home kit

    For the very first time, Portugal have gone with a half-and-half design in their 2022 home kit as the Pepper Red and Gorge Green which make up the country’s flag are given equal billing. Golden logos remain in place, with Nike celebrating 25 years as the nation’s kit supplier.

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  • Portugal away kit World Cup 2022

    Portugal – Away kit

    An off-white option is favoured by Portugal in their change kit, with red and green featuring once again in a central block that wraps around the front of the jersey. On the back, there is a dark blue panel at the top which sits just above a golden symbol.

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  • Qatar home kit World Cup 2022

    Qatar – Home kit

    The hosts are looking to keep things simple when it comes to kit designs for a World Cup that will see them make history in the Middle East. The home nation will, as is customary, be wearing a Desert Maroon kit that features centralised logos and cuff detail that is inspired by the country’s flag.

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  • Qatar away kit World Cup 2022

    Qatar – Away kit

    Qatar’s away shirt is laid out slightly differently from their home strip, with the nation’s badge and Nike swoosh moved out of the centre and into more familiar positions. The kit itself combines gold, beige and white in a unique design that is dominated by an overlaid circular pattern that nods towards the country’s pearl-diving coasts and sandstorms swirling in the sun.

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  • Saudi Arabia home kit World Cup 2022

    Saudi Arabia – Home kit

    Much like many other countries, Saudi Arabia looks to their national flag for inspiration when piecing together kit designs. Green and white is the colourway of choice, with a home offering for 2022 including a palm leaf pattern.

    Available soon from Nike for £74.95

  • Saudi Arabia away kit World Cup 2022

    Saudi Arabia – Away kit

    The Saudi change strip also features an all-over leaf print that builds on concepts that were first introduced into national team jerseys in 2018 and 2020. The tonal pattern blends dark and light green, with flashes of white to be found in the logos and badges.

    Available soon from Nike for £74.95

  • Senegal home kit World Cup 2022

    Senegal – Home kit

    The current holders of a prestigious Africa Cup of Nations crown have looked to the history books for inspiration when it comes to their latest World Cup offering. Having famously opened the tournament back in 2002 with victory over reigning champions France, Senegal are hoping to produce more heroics some 20 years on.

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  • Senegal away kit World Cup 2022

    Senegal – Away kit

    Senegal’s change strip follows a familiar theme when it comes to away offerings from Puma for the 2022 World Cup. While predominately green, there are flashes of red and yellow on the collar and sleeve, while the logo of the country’s football association and their ‘Les Lions de la Teranga’ nickname feature inside a centralised number box.

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  • Serbia home kit World Cup 2022

    Serbia – Home kit

    A slick offering from Serbia sees them stick with a red theme that has suppliers Puma adding some stylish gold trim. The design is based on the Ultraweave template, while the nation’s new national team badge also gets a first outing in 2022 with a subtle cross pattern incorporated into the jersey’s front and sleeves.

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  • Serbia away kit World Cup 2022

    Serbia – Away kit

    Puma’s white away kit template with a front box makes another appearance with Serbia, but the gold accents are back which help to tie in with the home jersey. A clean, minimalist design features metallic-gold alongside dark blue numbering, while the federation badge is recoloured in grey, gold and white.

  • South Korea home kit World Cup 2022

    South Korea – Home kit

    There is some clever design worked into South Korea’s home strip, with a predominantly red offering with black trim not all that it seems. It is only when the kit is seen in full that Nike’s big idea becomes clear, with triangles on the side of the shirt blending with a side panel on the shorts to create the impression of a tail – in homage to the Red Devils nickname of the nation’s supporters.

  • South Korea away kit World Cup 2022

    South Korea – Away kit

    South Korea will certainly stand out from the crowd when donning their away kit at the 2022 World Cup, with a bold design rolled out by Nike. The strip features a black base and white logos, but it is the multicoloured graphic splashed across the jersey – which takes inspiration from the blue and red Taegeuk symbol found on the country’s flag - that makes it truly unique.

  • Spain home kit World Cup 2022

    Spain – Home kit

    Spain's timeless red colourway for the home kit is spiced up with some unique detailing. The modernised V-neck collar is embellished with the national flag colours and the 2022 kit features a woven version of the updated team badge.

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  • Spain away kit World Cup 2022

    Spain – Away kit

    The 1982 World Cup logo, when the nation last hosted the tournament, is the dominating feature of Spain's away kit. The art-deco style graphic shines in a bubblegum blue colour against the sky blue shirt. adidas' famous three stripes on either side of the sleeve are given the red and yellow treatment to showcase the colours of the Spanish flag.

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  • Switzerland home kit World Cup 2022

    Switzerland – Home kit

    The Swiss are another side to take inspiration from iconic kits of the past when delivering their 2022 offering from Puma. A V-neck collar boasts white trim alongside striped patterns on the shoulders. There is miniature ‘Suisse’ stitching on the upper back.

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  • Switzerland away kit World Cup 2022

    Switzerland – Away kit

    The halftone gradient that features on the home kit is replicated in the away design, with a white base colour transitioning into a light grey. All of the standard boxes for Puma change strips are ticked, although the Swiss offering does include a red bar that houses the nation’s federation logo.

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  • Tunisia home kit 2022 World Cup

    Tunisia – Home kit

    Tunisia’s home shirt from suppliers Kappa is predominantly red but does feature white badges and cuffs alongside a subtle print graphic. Said design on the front of the jersey is based on the ‘Armor of Hannibal’, the legendary Carthaginian general who is considered to be one of the greatest military commanders in history.

  • Tunisia away kit 2022 World Cup

    Tunisia – Away kit

    The same graphic which features on the home kit, which offers a nod towards a cuirass found in Tunisia back in 1909, takes centre stage once again in the change strip. The base template is replicated, with lead colours merely swapped so that white replaces red.

  • United States home kit World Cup 2022

    United States – Home kit

    The USMNT will be making their own piece of history at the 2022 World Cup, with their latest kit offerings seeing Nike swooshes moved away from the front of jerseys and onto sleeves for the first time in football circles. Such an approach is common in NFL and the Americans are mixing things up in what is an otherwise standard red, white and loyal blue design.

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  • United States away kit World Cup 2022

    United States – Away kit

    The USA’s change strip follows a similar theme to their home jersey, with the nation’s logo placed front and centre. A unique swoosh placement can be found once again, with a predominantly royal blue design offset by a mix of light and dark blue tie dye graphics that celebrate diversity and youth.

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  • Uruguay home kit World Cup 2022

    Uruguay – Home kit

    A familiar sky blue base that is accompanied by a white collar and cuffs, while Puma’s logos feature in gold. It is rare to see buttons on collars these days, but Uruguay have one, while four stars above the nation’s crest offer a nod towards the country’s World Cup and Olympic gold medal-winning triumphs of 1924, 1928, 1930 and 1950.

  • Uruguay away kit World Cup 2022

    Uruguay - Away kit

    Puma has stuck with the same theme for all of its away designs in 2022, with a central box – which will house squad numbers – dropped onto a plain base. Uruguay go with white, with light blue accents added to the mix. There are five faint stripes running down the jersey and the words ‘La Celeste’ below the neckline on the back.

  • Wales home kit World Cup 2022

    Wales – Home kit

    A “fire-breathing” design from adidas takes inspiration from the nation’s flag and the spirit that embodies being Welsh. A daffodil - another national emblem – with the famous ‘Gorau Chwarae Cyd Chwarae’ motto encircling it can be found on the back of a shirt that is made from recycled Primegreen fabric.

  • Wales away kit World Cup 2022

    Wales – Away kit

    The colours of the country’s flag take centre stage once again, with a predominantly white design being mixed with green and red detailing. The kit, which features a drop-tail hem, is a nod to the past from a nation that is preparing to grace the World Cup finals for the first time since 1958.