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‘Mikel can’t lace Ronaldo’s boots’ - Fans slam ex-Nigeria midfielder for ‘disrespecting’ Portugal captain

10:00 GMT+4 27/11/2022
John Obi Mikel, Messi and Ronaldo.
The supporters feel the former Chelsea player has no right to discredit the ex-Real Madrid forward because he did not reach such levels

Fans have slammed former Nigeria midfielder John Obi Mikel for ‘disrespecting’ Cristiano Ronaldo after he criticised the Portugal captain's ego.

Mikel weighed in on the Ronaldo and Lionel Messi debate, choosing the Argentina legend as his favourite due to his ‘humility,’ while pointing to Ronaldo’s recent interview where he lashed out at Manchester United as an example of why he dislikes him.

However, many supporters feel Mikel is not fit to speak about Ronaldo.

  • John Obi Mikel

    Just looking for online followers

    People know now that you can get more followers and trend online if you try to talk about Ronaldo. You want to start your own gossip here as Rooney and co is doing it over there. Combine all the rich and big guys in your state, Ronaldo is still bigger than all of you. -Owas Ugiagbe

    We all know he is trying to boost his followers. I blame Rooney and co for all this. -Ffg Fifa games

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal WC 2020

    Ronaldo bigger than you in Nigeria

    Oh! I just remembered the guy called John Obi Mikel. That guy that spent most of his football career on the bench. Please someone should tell him that Ronaldo has a greater number of fans in his birth country Nigeria than him. -Saraki Abdulrahman Nooh

  • John Obi Mikel Chelsea Man Utd

    Just sour grapes

    We know because he [Ronaldo] denied you a Champions League trophy during Man United vs Chelsea final and we have not forgotten just like you have not. Hate him, like him, you can't stop his shine.

    -Chika Okafor

  • Lionel Messi, John Obi Mikel

    It’s just his choice

    Guys, we all have our own opinions. Mikel likes [Lionel] Messi more than Ronaldo. Someone else will like [Bukayo] Saka more than Messi. It's a choice thing. -Albert David

  • John Obi Mikel Nigeria.

    Mikel failed to reach such levels

    His opinion doesn’t matter. He, Michael [Mikel] was supposed to be up there with them but he fell off. He should rest. -Elshuaib Muhammad

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Messi

    Ronaldo, Messi not GOATs yet

    None of them can be tagged GOAT [Greatest of All Time] yet until they win the Fifa World Cup. It is not all about flourishing in club football alone, showcase your talent at the Fifa World Cup, let me see you. All of you guys should rest with this GOAT issue, we don't have a GOAT yet. -Mfon Umana

  • John Obi Mikel Nigeria

    Mikel not fit to select the GOAT

    Who is the Obi Mikel? We all know he has never been a great player so he can't choose who is great between them [Ronaldo and Messi]. -Ngomsi Cyriaque Benjamin

  • 20221124 Cristiano Ronaldo

    Mikel can’t lace Ronaldo’s boots

    Mikel Obi started as Messi and he ended up on bench. I don't even remember Nigeria having player called Obi. He can never fit in Ronaldo shoes in any way. -Kingnath Nathaniel

    Someone who is older than him is still playing and creating records while he sits at home ranting rubbish. He is not even at the World Cup. I go with Cristiano Ronaldo all the way. -Richard Kinglesy

  • John Obi Mikel Chelsea Drogba

    Mikel looking for redemption

    Your footballer career is forgotten. Are you seeking redemption so that your dead name can be resurrected. Look no further, just mention the name of Roro legend, CR7 legend and Siuu master then your revival and miracle is sure. -Omako Ogie-Agha