INDIVISA is your go-to women's football community - here is what you can expect!

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INDIVISA cover photo
INDIVISA is your women's football community, covering every aspect of the beautiful game.

One year after its initial launch, we are delighted to bring you INDIVISA's brand new website - featuring stories on the women's game from grassroots to the elite game, products you'll love and interviews that will bring you closer to the biggest footballers on the planet.

Going live on International Women's Day, here is everything you can expect...

  1. Getting you CLOSER to the biggest players in the world

    Want to know what some of the biggest stars in the women's game are like away from the pitch? We've got you covered.

    Whether it's Beth England recalling her time working in a chip shop, Maz Pacheco taking you through her favourite football shirts of all time, or Liverpool's Missy Bo Kearns revealing the pride she feels playing for her hometown club, INDIVISA gives you insight into what makes the world's top stars tick when they're not playing.

    There's plenty more exciting collaborations to come over the next few months too.

  2. Products you'll LOVE

    'More Women in Football'.

    It's a simple message that we can all get behind - and it was little surprise when our first run of these tote bags sold in double-quick time. They're back in stock - for now - though, with all profits in March going to support Her Game Too, who are working to stamp out sexism in football.

    Fortunately, we've got another batch in, and that's the only thing you can find on the INDIVISA store. We're also stocking the away shirt of Victoria Park Vixens - your new favourite grassroots team.

    Watch this space. There's more to come, don't worry.

    Visit the INDIVISA shop NOW!

  3. Covering everything from GRASSROOTS to the ELITE game

    INDIVISA has a wholly-democratic approach to the beautiful game. As much as we love huge players, historic clubs and showpiece tournaments, we also recognise importance of the grassroots game.

    As well as supporting the Vixens, the site is also committed to bringing you stories from the bottom of the footballing pyramid.

    This week grassroots legend and football writer Emma Tobiasson explained how Tumblr - commiserations if you're too young to remember that corner of the internet - helped satisfy her women's football obsession at a time when the sport received minimal coverage.

  4. Women's football with a GLOBAL focus

    We're democratic and we're internationalist, scouring every corner of the globe to bring you the most important stories in women's football.

    INDIVISA has already collaborated with Borussia Dortmund's newly-formed women's team - created partly due to pressure from supporters of the men's side.

    And this month, we've focussed on Central Africa, telling the tale of La Ligue D'Egalite. 'The equality league' was set up in Cameroon back in 2017 and is supported by La Liga. It has been a roaring success so far, having a dramatic effect on women's football participation in the country.

  5. Come and find YOUR women's football community

    If that's piqued your interest, there's a few things to do.

    First, make sure to check out the website - the basecamp for your women's football community.

    You can follow INDIVISA on socials too. That means Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

    We can't wait to welcome you.